If you want to teach in China. Here is the guides:

1. Apply a suitable position

2. interview with the school manager
2. Signing contract with the school
3. Our school apply working visa for teachers
4. Come to teach


1. CV, including: name, sex, birth date, address, telephone, education, nationality, title, graduation school,
working experience, email, daily life photos, personal ID photos (.jpg, less than 200K)
2. Passport picture
3. Highest degree certificate
4. TEFL certification (120+ hours) or Tesol certificate
5. Education authentication
6. Recommendation letter from recent working place
7. Autograph on contact from Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs
8. A clean bill of health from your doctor in your home country. You’re also required to do a second health check in China
9. Non-criminal certificate, A clear national Criminal Background Check

After successful interview with a Chinese employers, the employees are requested to follow the following steps for a smooth visa process.


1.   Notarise all original degrees and qualifications required for the job from a local notary services

Teaching in China Guides one

2.      Once the documents are notarised from local notary services they are authenticated by Department of Foreign Services (as this is a requirement of Chinese Embassy)

Teaching in China Guides two

3.Once the documents are authenticated by Department of Foreign Services they are ready to be taken to Chinese Embassy for authentication (without this authentication visa won’t be processed)

Teaching in China Guides three

1. Once the job opportunity is confirmed by the Chinese Employer you will be sent a medical exam form by Chinese Employer, take this form to your local GP. The GP will do necessary medical tests (Blood test for STDs, Chest X-Ray, and ECG along with other tests like color blindness etc)

Teaching in China Guides four

2. Chinese Employer will also ask for your No Criminal History. This is basically a certificate from your local police saying you were not involved in crimes or convictions)

Teaching in China Guides five

The medical exam result and criminal history will also be notarised by lawyers or local notary services, Department of Foreign Services and Chinese Embassy.

Once all documents are received by the Chinese Employer a Work Permit Application Form will be sent to you for signature. Once this form is signed and sent back to Chinese Employer they will then lodge an application on your behalf for work permit. This successful work permit application will be sent to the Chinese embassy close to you where you can go and apply for work visa with the reference of this document which will be already available in the embassy system.